#2) My “Business of Story” Podcast

Business/Story/Communications expert Park Howell did a podcast with me for his program, “The Business of Story.”  Park has been, not just an early adopter of the ABT (using it in his classes at the Arizona State Business School), but also a fellow researcher of the ABT.


BUSINESS NEEDS STORY.  That’s pretty much the argument of Park Howell of the Arizona State University business school.  He’s telling MBA’s the same thing I’m telling science folks, and not surprisingly he has been an early adopter of the ABT.



Two years ago when my book, “Connection,” with Dorie Barton and Brian Palermo came out, one of the first people to read it and contact us was Park Howell, a faculty member in the business school at Arizona State University.  He flipped over the ABT.

Over the past two years he has made MAJOR contributions to my development of the ABT — including spotting it in the Gettysburg Address and labeling it “The DNA of Story,” which I cited him for in the book and is the title of the animated video.

So it was only logical that he would have me on his podcast, “The Business of Story,” to talk about the ABT in all its facets.  I come off as a little bit of a late night infomercial spokesman (“It slices!  It dices!”), which is only fitting because I feel that way about the ABT.

Here’s the episode, titled, “The Science of Storytelling.