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STYLE is essential for effective communication, but there’s a second, more challenging part of communication which is the SUBSTANCE of what is being conveyed. This involves narrative structure and requires a different approach to training.

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APRIL 18-21 A WEEK IN HARLEM - City College of New York and A. Phillip Randolph High School, Randy Olson will conduct a series of ABT workshops, talks, and discussions with both college and high school students
APRIL 26 GENENTECH, SAN FRANCISCO - Talk and Book Signing Reception by Randy Olson
MAY 16-18 WASHINGTON D.C. - “The Power of Diplomacy in Public Diplomacy,” USC Center on Public Diplomacy, Randy Olson will be one of the instructors

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The New York Times

From South Park to the Space Station, Randy Olson Sees an ‘And, But, Therefore’ Story Solution

"If you’ve read Dot Earth a lot, you know I’m a fan of the ultimate science-as-story coach, Randy Olson, who left a tenured job teaching marine biology to make provocative films on science controversies and then write, and write, and write about connecting science to society through storytelling."

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The Huffington Post

The Author Who Thinks 'South Park' Can Help Save Science Climate change needs a better narrative.

"People in the sciences, he says, “have developed this whole stigma and phobia about the word story. And it’s a huge problem.” In Olson’s view, this storyphobia, as he puts it, is more than just an off-putting quirk."

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The Union of Concerned Scientists

Book Review: Houston, We Have a Narrative by Randy Olson

"Can scientists learn good storytelling from South Park? Randy Olson, a marine biologist turned filmmaker, argues that they can. He had a key insight as a storyteller, he writes in his latest book, while watching a documentary about the creation of a single South Park episode."


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